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Some of the most recent, must-see Movies are The Grassening (LNS score of 10.0, available on Amazon, AMC Theatres and DIRECTV), Zack Snyder's Justice League (LNS score of 8.9, available on HBO Max) and Beautiful Something Left Behind (LNS score of 8.8, available on Paramount Plus and Prime + Paramount+).
The top rated Movies of all time are The Grassening with an LNS score of 10.0, Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland with an LNS score of 9.5 and 7 Days in Syria with an LNS score of 9.5.
The oldest Movies currently listed on our platform are The Four Troublesome Heads from the year 1898, A Trip to the Moon from the year 1902 and The Great Train Robbery from the year 1903.