(2011) TV
Original Title: “Suburgatory“

Single father George Altman is doing his best to raise his sixteen-year-old daughter Tessa in the big city. When he discovers a box of condoms in her bedroom, though, he decides the time has come to move her to a more wholesome and nurturing environment: the suburbs. But behind the beautiful homes and perfect lawns lurk the Franken-moms, spray tans, nose jobs, and Red Bull-guzzling teens who have nothing in common with Tessa. It’s a whole new world, one that makes George wonder if they haven’t jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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Suburgatory: Season 3
Suburgatory · Season 3 (2014)
Suburgatory: Season 2
Suburgatory · Season 2 (2012)
Suburgatory: Season 1
Suburgatory · Season 1 (2011)

Season 3 is available on the following streaming services in the United States:

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Suburgatory: Season 3

Suburgatory: Season 3
Released: 2014
Episodes: 13


  • S03E01 / No Me Gusta, Mami
  • S03E02 / Victor Ha
  • S03E03 / Open Door Policy
  • S03E04 / The Birds and the Biederman
  • S03E05 / Blame It on the Rain Stick
  • S03E06 / About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing
  • S03E07 / I'm Just Not That Into Me
  • S03E08 / Catch and Release
  • S03E09 / The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth
  • S03E10 / No, You Can't Sit With Us
  • S03E11 / Dalia Nicole Smith
  • S03E12 / Les Lucioles
  • S03E13 / Stiiiiiiill Horny



Unfortunately, Suburgatory is not available in the the United States on any of the streaming services.

You can buy or rent Suburgatory on the following streaming services in the the United States: Amazon, Vudu and Google Play.

The first season of Suburgatory was released in 2011.

Currently there are 3 Seasons of Suburgatory. The and to date the last season of Suburgatory was released in 2014.