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Original Title: “Mantracker“

Mantracker is a Canadian reality television series created by Ihor Macijiwsky and produced by Bonterra Productions. It premiered in Canada in April 2006 on the Outdoor Life Network. In the United States, the show currently airs on the Science Channel and in the UK on Extreme Sports Channel. The episodes of the first six seasons feature Terry Grant, an expert tracker called the "Mantracker", who pursues two individuals in the remote Canadian or American wilderness. The pursued, referred to as "Prey", must elude capture while attempting to reach a finish line within thirty-six hours. In season 7, Chad Savage Lenz replaces Terry Grant as the Mantracker.

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1 hour
1 win & 4 nominations
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Mantracker: Season 6
Mantracker · Season 6 (2011)
Mantracker: Season 5
Mantracker · Season 5 (2010)
Mantracker: Season 4
Mantracker · Season 4 (2009)
Mantracker: Season 3
Mantracker · Season 3 (2008)
Mantracker: Season 2
Mantracker · Season 2 (2007)
Mantracker: Season 1
Mantracker · Season 1 (2006)

Season 1 is available on the following streaming services in the United States:


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Mantracker: Season 1

Mantracker: Season 1
Released: 2006
Episodes: 15


  • S01E01 / Jeff and Magnus
  • S01E02 / Liisa and Nicolina
  • S01E03 / Jim and Nicola
  • S01E04 / Russ and Susie
  • S01E05 / Mike and Neela
  • S01E06 / Vlad and Nate
  • S01E07 / Jim and Dara Lee
  • S01E08 / Luke and Mike
  • S01E09 / Julio and Joe
  • S01E10 / Rob and Michelle
  • S01E11 / Jesse and Nathan
  • S01E12 / Mark and Taylor
  • S01E13 / Bruce and Sabrina
  • S01E14 / Buck and RJ
  • S01E15 / Jordan and Suzie



Mantracker is currently available on the following streaming services in the the United States: Pluto TV and Tubi.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy or rent Mantracker on any of the streaming services in the the United States at the moment.

The first season of Mantracker was released in 2006.

Currently there are 6 Seasons of Mantracker. The and to date the last season of Mantracker was released in 2011.